Why Blogging is important in Real Estate?

Using digital marketing tools are beneficial in building your brand as a Realtor, Broker, or Agency.

As advertising evolves, technology enables business owners to reach clients in different channels. Blogging, like social media, can help reach audiences in an organic approach. Organic, meaning generating reach without paying for awareness. Here we will explain how blogging can help you in your marketing efforts and create awareness for your brand.

Driving visitors to your website.

Generally speaking, most of your clientele can be found browsing on the internet looking for a Realtor to either sell or buy their property. The first interaction your online client will probably have with your brand is on your website. They will want to do one of the following:  1. easily search for a property they wish to purchase or 2. learn how the real estate agent can market their listing to get them top dollar. This is why it is important to have an easy to navigate, well designed real estate website. A place where you can display active listings that are on the MLS and show your audience how you can sell their home for top dollar. If you need a real estate website, Click Here to speak with one of our specialists and get started. 

But how does blogging assist you in making sure those clients return time after time?

Simply by adding content. Blogging creates an opportunity for your website to be indexed. Indexing content is when search engines like Google crawl each web page and read all the content on the page. This then includes the page in their index. Every time you have new content on the website, the crawlers need to come back to your website and read the new content.  This helps put your website on the map. 

Blogging also helps you get noticed on social media. When you write content and publish it online for others to see, you have the advantage of sharing your blog posts on different social media platforms. In return, you get an audience that can help you gain a reputable social media presence. 

Conversion of website visitors.

Another great aspect of using blogs is the conversion of website visitors. Website traffic can give you real leads. Customizing your content for your target market is important in getting their attention. In order to get leads from your website, you need to tailor some of the content to be relevant to the client you are looking to get. Having content about a specific market, helps in retaining their attention and generating a phone call or email. 

The final step.

Once the blog has been active for some time and has been producing consistent content, it will be able to rank in search engines.  A rank is the spot where your page loads on the search engine results page when a user enters the keyword or key phrase looking for your business.  Viewers will hardly go past page one when looking for a website. This is why it is important to consistently post fresh blog articles with relevant keywords to get the best chance of getting your page ranked on page one.  Old blog posts on your website are key for your new visitors, allowing them to stay on your website for longer periods of time. They will likely begin to read your past published posts and navigate towards your available listings and marketing strategies. Having an organized and interesting library of blog posts will be the ticket in generating new leads. 

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