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Done right, search engine marketing (SEM) drives traffic to your website, generates quality leads, converts site visitors to paying customers, and helps to build brand awareness in your industry. But without experience in the process, you risk spending a lot of money with very little return. If you’re in a competitive niche, the risk is even higher.

To succeed with paid search engine advertising, you need an agency partner with a track record of success in this area. We specialize in digital marketing services, building high-performing search engine ads and PPC campaigns that drive business growth. Our expertise in digital marketing ensures that you reach the right audience on the right platforms at the right time.


PPC Management Services


Google & Bing Text & Display Ads

Search engine and display ads are foundational to any digital marketing strategy. We design ads that get noticed, helping you elevate your brand above the noise and drive measurable results.


Google & Bing Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are essential for any e-commerce business. Our advertising team is well-versed in retargeting, re-marketing, and other shopping ad techniques designed to convert. 


YouTube Ads

Targeting your YouTube video ads for interest groups helps you get your product or service in front of the right people. We apply best practice approaches to amplify your results.


Social Media Ads

With so many new social platforms to consider, how do you know what’s suitable for your audience? We take the guesswork out of social advertising, reduce costs, and improve metrics. 


Benefits of our Miami PPC Services

Choosing Pierson as your PPC advertising agency is a wise decision. We offer a proven process to ensure the best possible results, reducing risk and maximizing your marketing ROI. 

Comprehensive Audits

All engagements begin with an end-to-end audit of all past campaigns. We’ll identify what worked, what didn’t, and use that data to inform our next steps. 

Advanced Targeting

We look at all data in great detail, ensuring we are using the right keywords for your buyer personas and seeking out hidden audiences to add value. 

Testing Techniques

Constant monitoring and testing enable us to revise, refine, and improve even while the campaign is underway, ensuring optimal performance in all aspects that matter to you. 

Real-Time Reporting

If you’re not looking at real-time data, it’s already yesterday’s news. Understand your customers, their motivations, and how those details impact your marketing efforts. 

Experienced Team

We bring more than two decades of experience and success across many industry niches. We know the digital landscape and can make it work for you. 

Helpful Tools

Our team leverages the latest tools, techniques, and automation to maximize our efforts and accelerate your results. We’ll help you get the most for your marketing dollar.


We know PPC from A-Z.

Are you ready to dive into paid search ads?
Enjoy all the benefits of paid search with none of the headaches. Our experienced team is always here to help. Drop us a line and tell us about your company and marketing goals. We’ll be in touch to talk about the next steps.