WellShield Pay-Per-Click Case Study

Intelligent website design for maximum client satisfaction


  • Small Tech Firm looks to increase brand awareness and traffic to their website
  • Used Ad-words to build awareness and give Internet users information about the company and their products
  • Site traffic increased more than 800%


In 2014 we were approached by a truly innovative company with an amazing product. Their goal was to bring awareness to their highly technical product and to drive traffic to their website. We were intrigued, mostly because we had no clue the product or anything like it even existed. Wellshield was able to engineer an intelligent surface that is a composite matrix material containing only chemical elements (titanium, silicon, zinc, and oxygen) which uses the energy of visible and UV light to split molecules of water vapor in ordinary air into compounds called reactive oxygen species (ROS) that react with and degrade organic molecules. This process of transforming light and water into ROS is called photo-catalysis. In lay-mens terms they created a product that can disinfect surfaces using natural or artificial light. A product that could revolutionize the way we clean and interact with unsanitary situations and locations. And it was our job to let the world know about it. We will get into what we did to solve that problem.


With Wellshield still undergoing testing of their intelligent surfaces and still at a point of raising capital for their launch. The goal was just to be able to be found on search engines. We recommended a modest budget until the launch just so potential investors as well as industry leaders can find their website easily.

Google Ad-words seemed like the most logical place to get started to build awareness and to drive traffic using a basic set of positive and negative keywords.


Using Google Ad-words and strategic planning we were able to increase traffic to the website by %868. We started adjusting the campaign to increase reach in high income neighborhoods within 10 mile radius’ of hospitals to reach decision makers in the Healthcare industry. Working very closely with our client allowed us to be fully educated about the technology in order to tailor the campaign properly. Having attained their goals within one week of the project commencing, Wellshield LLC was extremely appreciative. The account was put into a holding pattern once final testing and approvals were complete. Currently we are going through a re-branding of Wellshield due to feedback from their majority shareholders and will be re-launching by the end of Q3 2015.