New website saves users time and money



Lawyer Irama Valdes was previously using a website template that she set up herself. Though it was attractive and generally functional, it lacked the right tools to streamline the unique needs of her legal operations. Her business requires having detailed information before initial consultations. However, asking clients to download and print out PDF files was inconvenient, while collecting information through email and phone calls made it difficult to keep data in one place.

She wanted a simple, uniform way to collect information that would make it easy to be prepared when meeting clients. Her website also needed better navigation. Pierson Media ended up creating a new, professional website to offer her users a great experience.


Irama was aware that her existing website was failing her clients. During our meeting, she told us what she wanted in a website. In short, her goals were to reach her community effectively and to streamline the process in which she acquires client information.

When it comes to law, many people need assistance to be fully prepared for their legal consultations. This is why our goal was to make it extremely easy to find information and customer next steps. After experimenting with new tools and layouts, we created a website that offered a seamless user experience.

UX Strategy

To serve clients well, Irama needs a lot of detailed information, and this traditionally has taken up a lot of time. Instead of asking clients to print out pdfs or having them spend an hour or two in the office filling out tedious paperwork, she needed a solution to efficiently gather data.

A website that makes key information obvious is especially important in the legal industry where most clients need a lot of guidance. We tailored the user experience based on these needs and developed optimal information gathering tools and website navigation.


We optimized the new website’s layout with intuitive, scrollable navigation. This made the links to legal forms easy to find. Not only are these forms a snap to locate, clients didn’t have to download anything to get started. They could just fill out the online forms any time of the day, which makes it convenient for busy people.

The new website’s navigation was designed so that clients didn’t need assistance to find out how to work with Irama or find valuable content, such as Irama’s blogs. Under each service tab, we included filtered posts to display posts related to that specific service. For example, under the Probate Administration area, we included only Probate Administration posts. To make the website even better for her clientele, it is available in both English and Spanish.

The new layout made sure her hard work was visible and organized in a better way to improve her SEO rankings. The increased performance and speed are also features that search engines favor, so these also worked together in Irama’s favor.

Test & Launch

The final product ultimately served both Irama and her clients. The embedded information pages made it easy to save time on both the client and Irama’s end. These tools also saved her clients time since they didn’t have to go to her office to fill out a printed form or physically print them out and mail them.

The Results

The results ultimately made Irama’s business run more smoothly. Irama Valdes has gained a convenient and customer-friendly website that saves everyone time. The new website loaded more quickly, had better navigation throughout the pages, and had a more efficient layout, which search engines favor. Her blog posts were now categorized to make them easily searchable by users and web crawlers.

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